Elaine Everett (Connect Leader, 80) “I live 4 minutes from Charlestown Square and every day I go there and ask the Holy Spirit to show me people He wants me to speak to. One day, I went to get some groceries and I kept crossing paths with a lady. We would chat each time we went past each other and after a few times she asked me to come and meet her husband. After talking they said “there is something about you we really like, will you come and visit us in our house?” On that same day I prayed for a lady who was buying boots and encouraged a number of other people as I listened to the Holy Spirit and made conversation with the people around me. It was a great day!”

Ruve Staneke (Young Adults, 21) “I seriously love my church! Thank you C3 Victory for deciding to do things differently this year through the Gathering, teaching us how to hear God’s voice and equipping us with knowledge on how to put that into action. I’ve learnt that God is that gentle whisper in those momentary random thoughts, and that He whispers because He is close. I’m learning to love Jesus more every day. Once again, I love my church – thanks so much for all that you do!”

Shanais Staneke (Mission – Jakarta/Bangkok) – “My eyes were opened to the world and I saw outside the four walls of my city. It’s easy to get caught up in the world, and to have a worldly perspective, but when you’re opened up to other cultures, cities and places you realise you have to look beyond the four walls. There were many experiences over the period of my trip which impacted me and changed my heart, and my life. They enabled my heart to change and they allowed my eyes to really open up to the world and see what Jesus sees.”

Christina Patterson – As a 13 year old with a rough background to a now 24 year old Christian, I have found discipleship to be a journey of transformation!
Meeting Jesus for the first time as a teenager meant I had a lot of questions about life, death, the bible and everything in between. I’m so thankful I had someone walk the journey with me, answer my questions (no matter how difficult they were), pick me up for church, pray for me, teach me and believe in me. This is why I am personally so passionate about discipleship and walking with people so that they may grow in disciple-makers and see Christ formed in them.

Darienne Scanes – “During the intensive Peter explained the relationship I now have with God since I was ‘born again’ versus the relationship I thought I had with God. What he explained was a huge revelation to me. I realised that I had always thought my relationship was based on my behaviour, that I was connected to the Godhead (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) so long as I kept up my end of the deal. If I did the wrong thing I became disconnected from the Godhead and needed to ‘do the right thing’ to get reconnected. Wrong!! When I was saved I was put into the centre of the Godhead, surrounded by the arms and joined hands of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I’m there because God loves me, accepts me as I am, and no matter what I do I will never get chucked out.”

Peter Wann – I had recently read Matt 18; 24-27 where Jesus told Peter to go down to the lake, the first fish that you catch will have a coin in its mouth. “That will be the temple tax for you and me” I was reminded and amazed at the miraculous provision, I started to pray for the miraculous in my life and finances. My son was telling me about his work colleague and Team leader who is always is driving around picking them up and dropping them off. He has a partner and two small children.  I felt God wanted me to give him $50.  I told my son, when he drops you off this afternoon I have something here for him. I had to go to work that arvo so I didn’t see there reaction.  Apparently Ryan was exited to give it to him, and Bussa was blown away.  The next day I had great joy to tell Ryan that “I had been given $50 today”. The neighbour had given it to me for trimming the hedge ( they had told me they would pay me, so it wasn’t a complete surprise) but the timing of it was great.

Mel Ashley (Mum of 4, Board Member, 34) – “I have felt God calling me to step up in leadership in the church. I am passionate about seeing our pastors and key leaders encouraged, supported and released into their calling. Together, as the church, we can influence our community through the demonstration of his love and power in our lives. This is who we are and I am called to be a part of seeing his presence released in greater measure through each one of us.”