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RUSH Mentoring Service was established in the Hunter Region in 2004 in partnership with In2Life and C3Victory.

RUSH works together with the school, student, family and the church to provide support for teenagers at risk, by placing a significant role model in a young person’s life through weekly one on one, out of school volunteer mentoring. RUSH is a welfare based program that works closely with the school welfare department.

  • One on One Mentoring
  • Motivational & Positive Choice Seminars
  • Resilience-building & Life Skills programmes
  • Student Leadership Seminars
  • Camps / Mentor and Mentee Activities

The primary passion of RUSH mentors is to help young people. They can be a big brother or sister figure or that or an uncle or aunt or grandparent. They are good listeners and motivators and have the ability to be a positive role model and friend.

Rick and Sue Prosser
RUSH Directors

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