Our focus for July is REST. The idea for the month of July is to stop mid-year and intentionally seek refreshment and regeneration in the midst of our usually busy schedules.

Rest is not the absence of activity but a focus on connection with God and intentional action that regenerates body, soul and spirit. This may look like cessation of activities that decrease connection with God (e.g. tv or social media) and deliberate scheduling of activities that regenerate ourselves and create connection (e.g. connections with family, creative activities, going for a walk).We want to encourage unique devotional connection and a rest from activities that distract from time with God.

We are being intentional to create space in our calendar in July for rest. There will be no church prayer or other corporate meetings in this month. Please talk with your team leader about what this looks in your team. We are all different in how we experience rest and we are encouraging every one of us to plan what this looks like for you. Some questions to ask might be:

  • What are some activities or habits that I could stop to enable more time to focus on God and connection with others?
  •  What activities, places or people energise me and bring restoration to my body, soul and spirit?
  •  Where can I schedule an activity every week in the month of July that encourages rest in me?
  •  How can I encourage rest in those around me?

We look forward to this time coming up and hearing how you and your team have been refreshed to take us into the second half of the year.


18th, 25th June + 23rd, 30th July

6pm at the Ministry Centre

We are excited to bring you our Spirit & Truth nights at our Sunday PM services hosted by Jamie Fahey with special guests Craig and Michelle Sparrow. These nights are for equipping, empowering, impartation and activation. To develop Spirit led people who hear, know and act upon the voice of the Spirit with confidence.

We are taking a 26 week journey to learn to love like Jesus loved.  In families and Connect Groups, as couples and friends we will spend a full 6 months activating the love of God in our lives for each other and those outside the church.  Come with us on the journey!

Grab a copy of the journal at church this Sunday.  For more copies they are $10 each from the info desk.

Join the Facebook page C3 Victory One Heart and keep up to date, be encouraged and get extra resources like podcasts.

We want to do this together as a church.  So if you fall behind, don’t feel like you need to play catch up.  Just jump to the week everyone is on and keep going.

Week Title Date beginning
Week 1 No Greater Love 13 February 2017
Week 2 God Is Love 20 February 2017
Week 3 Children of God 27 February 2017
Week 4 Putting God First 6 March 2017
Week 5 Loving Like Jesus in our Nuclear Family 13 March 2017
Week 6 Go the Extra Mile 20 March 2017
Week 7 Loving Like Jesus in our Extended Family 27 March 2017
Week 8 Loving Your Neighbour 3 April 2017
Week 9 Loving the Undeserving 10 April 2017
Week 10 Loving Your Neighbour 17 April 2017
Week 11 Love Sees Only Possibilities 24 April 2017
Week 12 Love is Childlike in Nature 1 May 2017
Week 13 Love Empowers Us to Overcome 8 May 2017
Week 14 Write Your Own 15 May 2017
Week 15 Free In His Love 22 May 2017
Week 16 Authentic Love 29 May 2017
Week 17 Loving Unconditionally 5 June 2017
Week 18 Love Extravagantly 12 June 2017
Week 19 Responding with Love 19 June 2017
Week 20 Compelled to Compassion 26 June 2017
Week 21 Compelled to Love 3 July 2017
Week 22 Sent Into the World 10 July 2017
Week 23 Hunger for Love; Hunger for God 17 July 2017
Week 24 Loving Through Forgiveness 24 July 2017
Week 25 Truth in Love 31 July 2017
Week 26 Write Your Own 7 August 2017


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