We are so excited that we are ONE week away, Sunday 23rd October, from our very first C3 Victory Central campus service at the Hunter School of Performing Arts (HSPA) at Broadmeadow!!

To make the transition smoother and help you feel at home, please find below all the info and FAQ’s you’ll need for our first Sunday!

Where is it?c3v_mudmap

The Hunter School of Performing Arts (HSPA) is at 109 Lambton Road, Broadmeadow. The entry is via Cameron Street.


Where do I park?

The first entrance on Cameron St is reserved for disability and seniors parking and also some parents with prams.

There is a second entrance after this with plenty of parking spots available and there is additional street parking on Cameron St.

Where do I register my kids?

The registration area is in the Box Office, which is located on the left hand side of the foyer.

Where is C3 Kids Church located?

The 1-2 year olds room is the ‘Green Room’ located on the foyer level, behind the auditorium, in the main building.

The 3-5 year olds and K-4’s will meet in the demountable buildings, we will make the path clear for you and they are only a moment away.

Changes to Kids Church

We will be trialling a new thing for Kids Church where the kids will be checked in at the main foyer and then go straight to Kids Church. 1-2 year olds can be dropped off at the ‘Green Room’ from 9.25am after check-in. 3-5 year olds and K-4’s will be walked from the main foyer to their rooms by the Kids leaders.

Parents will still need to pick up their children after the service in a timely fashion.

We will have some services through the year that will be ‘family services’ and our children will be a part of those services including special events, dedications etc.

Why are we trialling this change?

We are changing this for a number of reasons. The main reasons are:

  1. To give opportunity for the Kids Team to teach our kids about worship and opportunity for kids to have their own worship time to learn songs that they can have actions to and lots of fun combined with the Spirit of God.
  2. By the children going out first we are able to maintain a continuity of the service and we will then have more freedom to move in the Spirit and go to deeper levels of prayer, worship and God encounters without being determined to by a particular structure or time constraint. It is not our intention that children miss this, but that they will also have opportunity to experience this in Children’s Ministry at the same time.

Alive Sundays

Alive Sundays (Year 5-7) will still be a part of the main service and then at a designated time the leaders will take the young people out to their program.

Is there a nursing mother’s area?

Yes there is, located upstairs. Our Venue team will direct you. There is a lift located in the main foyer (right side) which can be used to take prams upstairs. Parents can also access the auditorium on the top level.

Is there wheelchair accessibility seating?

Yes there is, our volunteer team will direct you to this area. Parents can also access the auditorium on the top level.

Can I take food/drink into the theatre?

No. No food or drink is allowed into the theatre. Bottled water is OK. This is one of the rules of the venue. You will need to finish your coffee/tea before entering the theatre.

Can I get a coffee or tea after the service?

Absolutely! We are all about building community and we have great opportunity to do that in this venue.

We have a barista who will be selling coffee after the service in the Canteen (located in the main foyer) and we will also have free tea and instant coffee available which our Hospitality Team will facilitate.

We are also looking to have morning tea a couple of times a month!


We will have a security team who will operate around the main auditorium (outside) to monitor the gates and ensure the kids safety.

How Can I Help?

We are glad you asked! There are so many ways that you and your family can get involved. We have a bunch of new teams forming and a number of current teams we can boost – so you just need to email admin@c3victory.org.au so we can get in contact with you and help you find the place of best fit for you!