RUSH Youth Mentoring

RUSH is an initiative of In 2 Life. In 2 Life’s passionate dream is to have a community in which young people are safe from abuse, harm and suicide. In 2 Life was formed to create methods of dealing with issues of childhood and teenage crisis. The most critical skill young people need, is that of help seeking behaviour. This means encouraging young people to speak out when crisis hits instead of internalising and hurting themselves.

RUSH Youth Mentoring is a program aimed at supporting high school students through every day life in simple and meaningful ways. This is achieved by providing mentors for young people at an early enough age before entrenched problematic behaviours occur. RUSH provides an accessible adult for the youth to seek help and advice from.

RUSH brings the local community together for the cause of local youth. The mentors are members of the local community who volunteer some time each week, to build the relationship into a local High School Student’s life. Mentoring support may take various forms, such as help with homework, going to events, hanging out at the Youth Centre, or just being there to talk too.

Why Mentoring?

A large mentoring program study conducted in 1998 in the USA found that mentees who met with their Mentors regularly for about a year were:

• 46% less likely than their peers to use illegal drugs and 27% less likely to start drinking;

• 52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school and 37% less likely to skip a class;

• More trusting of their parents or guardians, less likely to lie to them

• Felt more supported and less criticised by their peers and friends.

Mentors need to:

• Be good listeners

• Have some spare time, a mentor commits to between 1 hour per week and up to 3 hours per activity.

• Make a regular commitment for a period of time

• Satisfy a police check – no criminal record or dubious background

• Care about the future of young people

• Demonstrated understanding and tolerance of different types of people

• Have the ability to problem solve, identify and respond to the needs of other people

• Have the ability to set goals and priorities.

• Demonstrate understanding of own strengths and weaknesses

RUSH Mentoring allows the youth to have someone else to talk to in times of need or when critical choices are made in their lives. While not all youth are comfortable with talking to their parents about issues, the mentor allows the youth to confide in another source and ask for advice in a safe environment. Training is provided for all mentors.

Roles & Key Serving Opportunities:

• Be a prayer partner for RUSH

• Receive training to become a mentor for a young person at risk

• Support RUSH financially


Contact Sue Prosser at or phone 0410 586543


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