SRE is a fun, exciting and rewarding way to contribute to our local schools and enhance public education.

There are many benefits for students involved in SRE, these include:

  • Developing an understanding of the Bible.
  • Helping students understand the literature, language and art of Western culture including the origins of Easter and Christmas.
  • Developing each child’s sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Building resilience by equipping students with tools to use in times of difficulty.
  • Teaching Christian values and ethics.

All our SRE volunteers are authorised by C3 Church NSW.

Primary School SRE (Kinder to Yr 6) involves preparing and presenting a 30 minute lesson to a group of children each week using an approved curriculum.

Currently C3 Church Victory Primary SRE Teachers are using Godspace

If you would like to pray, support or get involved in SRE, please email the church office