The mission of C3 Church Victory  is to impact ‘our region and beyond’ for the Kingdom of God.

It means gathering together in purpose, passion, prayer and provision to facilitate the vision of the church.

It is you and me making a difference in the lives of other people, and when we physically can’t do the work, we are empowering others to do so.

We are blessed in so many ways and with this blessing there comes a mandate to go and bless others. Through the Mission initiatives of the church we can bring justice and mercy that will bless others and please God.

The Mission Statement of Beyond

  • We walk hand in hand with C3 Church Victory’s vision for church growth in Newcastle and beyond. We are part of a ‘church planting movement’ with a 2020 Vision to have 1000 healthy churches by the year 2020.
  • Our focus is on where C3 Churches are located, or are to be located
  • Our aim is to have a long term impact/relationship with the people we help.
  • We seek to empower the people of C3 Church Victory to be the hands and feet making a difference in the lives of those we help, that is, not just a hand out but a hand up.