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RUSH Mentoring Service was established in the Hunter Region in 2004 in partnership with In2Life and C3Victory. RUSH works together with the school, student, family and the church to provide support for teenagers at risk, by placing a significant role model in a young person’s life through weekly one on one, out of school volunteer mentoring. RUSH is a welfare based program that works closely with the school welfare department.

Celebrating 10 years

Celebrating 10 years

In 2014 we are celebrating 10 years as RUSH Mentoring Service and we believe it to be a significant milestone for RUSH; it has stood the test of time succeeding through the generosity of our volunteers and the financial contributions of our personal supporters. Over the course of a decade RUSH has provided one on one mentoring for hundreds of ‘at risk’ young people by providing them and their families with a wider support network.

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RUSH Programs

  • One on One Mentoring
  • Motivational & Positive Choice Seminars
  • Resilience-building & Life Skills programmes
  • Student Leadership Seminars
  • Camps / Mentor and Mentee Activities

rush how it worksHow It Works

The RUSH model is based on a partnership between the schools, churches and RUSH to make a positive difference in the lives of students, their families and in the community.







Mentor Training

Become a RUSH Mentor: Register now


Become a RUSH Sponsor: RUSH is funded by like-minded and generous people, businesses and organisations.

What will the Funding pay for?

Sponsor funding provides for:

  • Mentor recruitment and training
  • Mentee Activities and Camp
  • High School Programs
  • Administration and Staffing costs

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductable.

Direct Deposit Details:
Account Name: IN 2 LIFE Inc
Account Number: 1014 1350 BSB:  065107

Key Dates 2014


3 May Mentor Activity Movie Night
2 June Mentor Connect & In-service 7pm, C3Newcastle
11 – 12 July RUSH Camp Horseriding
4 Aug Mentor Connect 7pm Max Brenner
14th & 21st Aug Mentor training C3V Ministry Centre
12 August International Youth Day RUSH Person of Influence Competition
19 – 25 October Youth Mentoring Week RUSH 10yr Celebration (23 Oct)
30 Nov Mentor and Mentee activity Barefoot bowls and BBQ at Stockton


Many Blessing,
Rick & Sue Prosser
RUSH Director & Schools Coordinator

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RUSH Hunter Region is connected to a National governing body – In 2 Life Inc.