A Home Away From Home

Before School Care: 7am-9am

After School Care: 2:30pm – 6pm

Vacation Care: 7:30am – 5:30pm

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Core Values

Our Philosophy

Charlestown OOSH is committed to being a safe, creative and enjoyable ‘home away from home’ for the children in our centre. We are committed to providing high quality care for the children. We are also committed to maintaining good relationships with all the parents and families who are involved with our centre.

Charlestown OOSH aims to:

The Centre

Provide a welcoming environment for staff, parents and children and develop friendly relationships between all parties

Provide a safe environment and a creative centre, as well as a space that is enjoyable and caring

Encourage healthy lifestyles by providing active play activities for children and healthy eating by providing nutritious snacks and modelling healthy eating habits

The Children

Place value upon each child and seek to maintain positive relationships between staff and children

Foster self-esteem and destiny in each child

Provide children with opportunities for play both in individual and group settings

Help children care for others

The Community

Develop positive relationships with C3 Church Victory and local schools and services and informing families of ministries that are part of C3 Church Victory

Keep up to date on current issues in the local area