Windale Centre



BaptistCare is one of the nation’s largest Christian not-for-profit care providers.  In 2007 BaptistCare established a small low-cost food support service in Windale.  Since that time hundreds of families and individuals in the local community have been supported with food and household supplies, along with assistance with a wide range of other physical, emotional and spiritual needs. In 2014 the service was expanded and the Windale Community Centre  opened in July providing a range of services, with the space to expand in response to community needs.


Partnership between C3 Church Victory and Windale Community Centre (Baptist Care)

Together we have identified what we see as some mutual partnership benefits.

For C3 Victory

  • A platform to further live out the Biblical mandate to serve the poor, vulnerable and needy
  • An opportunity to expand the Church’s practical ministry engagement in Windale
  • Structured, experiential, missional volunteer opportunities & training for volunteers
  • Relational contacts for the church community
  • The potential to explore other ministry opportunities in the local area
  • Alignment with existing partnership services such as CAP and RUSH

For Windale Community Centre

  • Partnership with a vibrant life-giving church
  • Christian volunteers with a passion to serve Jesus and others
  • An opportunity to expand sustainable services in the local area
  • Prayer support

 For the local community 

  • An overt Christian care organisation, hand in hand, with a life-giving Church making a tangible difference in people’s lives.

 If you are interested in volunteering call  (02) 4032 4810 or complete the Windale Center Application | home page