Hunter School of the Performing Arts
109 Lambton Road (Corner Cameron Street), Broadmeadow

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Off street parking is in 2 locations off Cameron Street.  There is a small carpark before the theatre and a larger carpark immediately after the theatre.  We’ll have car park attendants there to help you.
On street parking is available on both Cameron Street and Newton Street.


1 – 2 year olds will be in the Green Room adjacent to auditorium.  Look for signage in the Foyer.

3-5 year olds and K-4 programs will be run in demountables on site nearby.

Kids Check in desk will open at 9am and will be in the foyer of the main theatre.

Kids can be picked up from their rooms as soon as the service finishes.


Alive Sundays is happening also in demountables on site nearby.

Yr 5-8s are checked in at the Kids Check in desk in the foyer and stay in service for a while.

They depart mid service to their own rooms and will be back when service is finished.



Central Campus services begin at 9:30am.